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ICH protection mechanism needs improving

Post Time:2008-03-11 Source:IPR in China Author: Views:
Vice Chairman of Chinese Folk Literature and Art Society Tao Siyan said that in recent years, as the launch of intangible culture heritage protection project, China has made great headway in culture resource survey, ICH item declaration, appraisal of ICH list, selection of ICH inheritors, etc. and the public's awareness of protecting cultural relic and ICH keeps increasing.

However, improvement and perfection shall be carried out in appraisal, theory development, protection and supervision.

Tao suggested that ICH protection foundation shall be set up to accept government's appropriate funds and donation of domestic and foreign organizations and individuals, which may provide sufficient money support for the major protected items and key projects.

The major protected regions in recent years shall be border areas and minority areas and key projects shall be cultural phenomena with Chinese characteristics co-owned by the international community and local featured cultures having historical, artistic and resource values, while on the verge of extinction or being neglected for a long time. [Chinese version is available on Xinhua]
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